The Owlhoot Family: Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty


The Owlhoot Family is this weeks Legendary Bounty for Red Dead Online. It’s time to saddle up and collect that sweet bounty!

Wanted for “the treacherous murders of many an innocent traveler”  it’s up to you to collect the bounty for the most senior members of the Owlhoot Family. The group has been operating out of Rio Bravo and you have until 7th October to bring them in dead or alive. It’s also worth mentioning, you should try to tackle this Legendary Bounty with the help of other bounty hunters, if possible.

Furthermore, the family can be found around the Benedict Pass portion of the map. From here, you will find the Owlhoot family spread throughout the area. You can find them in the following locations, Benedict Point, Benedict Pass, Fort Mercer and just south of Benedict Point.

For a quick guide on The Owlhoot Family Legendary Bounty check out this article by GamesRadar.

Collector – New Free Roam Event

A new Collector Free Roam Event has also been released. Open to players level 4 and above, you should be on the look out for the rare Condor Egg. In order to find the egg, you should look for Condor’s circling overhead. To begin the event, Rockstar said to look out for an invite while exploring the world in Free Roam.


That’s all for this week’s Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty update, will you be chasing down The Owlhoot Family? If you have any helpful tips for this bounty, drop them in the comments!

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