The Last of Us Part II: New Gameplay Footage Released


New gameplay footage has been released for The Last of Us: Part II. Thanks again Naughty Dog!

It certainly has been a busy old week for PlayStation and Naughty Dog. With State of Play airing just a couple of days ago, in which we saw a fresh new trailer and release date for The Last of Us: Part II. However, it seems Naughty Dog are not done delivering the goods just yet! Today, new hands-on gameplay footage was also released.

Published on Access PlayStation by Nathan Ditum. The video shows 2 sections from the game, one where Ellie is on Patrol around the survivor settlement in Jackson. While the other section shows us Ellie on the outskirts of Seattle.  Throughout the video Nathan gives us some interesting insights into the game. Namely, what has changed when compared to 2013’s The Last of Us.

The Last of Us: Part II – New Gameplay

According to Nathan’s report the environment you’re exposed to is now bigger. There are now considerably more buildings, shops and houses for you to explore. While most of these are optional in terms of story progression, Nathan does state that there are several areas which are hidden or harder to get too, with these locations having more resources or story information.


Ellie’s maneuverability has also seen a big upgrade in The Last of Us: Part II. For instance, you can now go prone, which makes it possible to hide in open long grassed areas. You can also lay down on your back and use weapons, as seen in previous trailers. Jumping and climbing is improved, meaning more areas are now accessible that previously wouldn’t have been. You can also squeeze your way through gaps in the environment. The best part about the upgraded maneuverability is Naughty Dog have spent a lot of time getting each of these actions fluid with one and other. Going from prone to crouched to standing all looks and feels as it should in real life.

When it comes to combat, strategy will be something you need to consider. This is because enemies are now much better at, well, being enemies. Just because you and the games camera are facing one way, doesn’t mean an enemy isn’t sneaking up on you from behind. This ties in with the bigger environment we mentioned earlier. Now there’s more space to negotiate with, there’s more space for combat. So make sure to check your back once in a while, it might save your life.

Another aspect that has changed in The Last of Us: Part II are the NPC’s. Naughty Dog have done an incredible job of bringing them to life and adding a sense of humanity to them. For example, if you kill an enemy and linger for a few seconds you may hear one of the group members calling out the name of the NPC you just killed. This will in turn effect the friends mood, causing them to go from calm to anxious, sad or angry. This intuitive AI is there to add depth to your actions within the game, making you question how far your willing to go to survive.

It’s also worth mentioning enemy dogs are now a thing in Part 2. Yep, unfortunately you may need to take out a pooch or 2. However, the choice for this is completely up to you. Again, this is another element Naughty Dog put into the game to really make you question what your willing to do to survive. Furthermore, if you decide to take out the human handler, this will cause the dog to whine as he sadly stares on at his unresponsive owner. Still, it’s better to have a sad pooch than a dead one.

Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough. There is also a new clicker thing known as a Shambler. This new guy is sort of a bigger and more disgusting Bloater by comparison.

Time for some good news! Shivs are now gone completely, thank god! VG247 reported in their gameplay that Shivs have been replaced by an unbreakable switchblade which Ellie now carries around with her. Only took them 5 years to figure out knives were a thing…This does come at a cost though. As VG247 reports that it’s very difficult to catch a clicker off guard.


All in all, it looks like Naughty Dog is really going big with this one. At least based on this gameplay footage for The Last of Us: Part II. So far, early 2020 is kicking ass!

What do you think to the new gameplay footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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