The Last of Us Outbreak Day – Everything That’s Available


Since The Last of Us was released 5 years ago, fans of the hit game have celebrated Outbreak Day. This is the day that marks when the Cordyceps Fungus infected the world of The Last of Us. Outbreak Day takes place every year on 26th September.

Naughty Dog uses Outbreak Day as a way to celebrate with the fans and community of The Last of Us. They do this by releasing new and exclusive content, items and promotions.

Here is everything that is currently available for The Last of Us Outbreak Day!!

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New Poster

First on the list is a new poster. The poster features Joel playing on his guitar out in the wilderness. Off to the side you can see a wolf creeping in. The poster is hand numbered and screen printed it was designed by Sam Wolfe Connelly. There is only 1 poster per person/per household available. It can be purchased online now for $45 and is planned to be shipped in January 2019.

Link to poster:

Free Avatars

Next on the Outbreak Day list is free Avatars. Now available on the PlayStation store for the PS4. They are free until 12pm on 27th September 2018. After which they will go back up to their original pricing.

Link to free avatars:

Free PS4 Theme

Next on the list is a free theme of Ellie from The Last of Us Part II. It’s pretty bad ass and is currently available for a free download from the PlayStation Store. Again, this is for a limited time and it will return to original pricing tomorrow. So make sure you get it before it’s gone.

Link to free theme:

The Last of Us Part II T-shirt

Made by insert coin. You can get your hands on an t-shirt inspired by Ellie’s tattoo from the upcoming Last of Us Part II game. The t-shirt is currently priced at £24.00 for the UK or $30.00 for the US.

Link to t-shirt:

Last of Us Vinyl

Next up is a vinyl of the original score for The Last of Us. You can pre-order online now and they will be shipped in November 2018. The vinyl includes all 30 tracks from volume one of the Soundtrack and is priced at $35.

Link to Vinyl:

Device Wallpapers and iPhone Stickers

Last up and available for a free download is The Last of Us Part II device wallpapers and Apple iPhone Stickers. Make sure to get them before the offer expires!

Link to device wallpaper:

Link to iPhone Stickers:


To see everything that’s currently available visit

Make sure to grab these amazing deals before their gone, I will now be decorating my laptop, phone and PS4 with The Last of Us!

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