Superhero Games That Should Be Made!!


With Spider-Man becoming the fastest selling PS4 game to date and seemingly all over the web (pun intended). I thought it would be great to discuss some other superhero’s who could do with their own superhero games.

From the super quick to the super strong. Trips to the quantum realm and back again. Have some fun with us as we discuss superhero games that should be made!

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1. Supergirl

Superman has tried and failed to be a superhero game we love. I think it’s time we move toward something a little different, something fresh with new stories to tell.

Supergirl would make for an amazing game. She could have an original story, new villains for us to fight against, cool costume customization and all the powers of the Man of Steel. It would be great to soar through the skies of a huge open-world metropolitan city, fighting crime as a potential new and powerful villain emerges out of the darkness.


2. The Flash

The Flash is an incredible superhero with some amazing powers. Fans of the TV show and comics will know what I mean.

Not only can The Flash travel at the speed of light. He can also travel through time, travel through dimensions, phase through matter and he has access to the speed force. How great would it be to have all these super powers right at our finger tips.

As well as amazing powers, The Flash also has a great line up of super villains. I personally would love to see a story where we fight our way through time, chasing down the Reverse Flash before he changes and destroy’s reality as we know it. Come on DC make this happen!

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3. Ant-Man

Superhero games that should be made

Ant-Man has had plenty of screen time recently. With 2 solo films and an appearance in Civil War, it got me thinking about how great an Ant-Man superhero game would be.

It would be awesome to take control of Ant-Man and dive into a story that would eventually lead us through to the quantum realm.

With the ability to shrink, the game could focus on some cool stealth based missions. Where we find ourselves breaking into hostile bases to capture sensitive information, trying to rescue hostages or even breaking into an Avenger warehouse and fighting against a certain winged hero?

Combining hand to hand combat, while simultaneously shrinking and growing at the click of a button, could make for some insane fight sequences. That’s without adding in more tech and your army of ants too!


4. Iron Man

Superhero games that should be made

Insomniac Games have done an amazing job with story telling and creating some pretty awesome gadgets in Spider-Man. Imagine what they could do with Iron Man? He is basically the king of all things tech!

To really bring this superhero game to life we would need a fresh new story, a boat load of gadgets, Jarvis or Friday AI, multiple suits to choose from and a huge open-world to fly around. You could even have this game cross over into Spider-Man’s world as Avengers Tower was already in the recent Spider-Man game!

I have laid the foundation for you Insomniac, the rest is up to you….


5. Deadpool

Superhero Games That Should Be Made

The forth wall breaking, merc with a mouth.

Deadpool is another great…. well, anti-hero, with some really sub-par video games. Which is a shame as the character has so much to offer.

To get the Deadpool game we want, I think we should turn to Rockstar Games. With so much experience building massively detailed open-world games, where there are no rules, I think they would be a perfect fit for Deadpool.

If we got an original story, great graphics, a huge arsenal of weapons, an open-world to do whatever Deadpool does and can get Ryan Reynolds to agree to voice act the game, I think we would be on to a winner!

Just imagine all the awesome combat, jokes and tiny body parts that would need to re-grow after getting chopped off. It would be great!


What do you think to this list? What superheroes would you like to see get their own video games? Who would you like to make them? Let us know in the comments below.


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