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Insomniacs Spider-Man for PS4 swung into our lives on Friday 7th September 2018. After all the hype and build up, the game we have all been waiting for is finally here!

With an amazing story, great game play, kick ass combat and an addictive photo-mode. Here is Nutty Gamers review on the new Spider-Man PS4 Game.

Just to be safe, if you missed the title, this review will include potential spoilers for the game. If you want to remain spoiler free, stop reading now. If not check out our review below.


Spider-Man PS4 probably has the most captivating story line of any previous Spider-Man game.

Perfectly mixing together the conflicting life of Spider-Man and Peter Parker. As we watch a young, early 20’s Peter, try to juggle between the balance of making rent and being the hero we all know and love.

The story begins with the camera panning through Peter’s apartment showing us little bits and pieces of his life leading to this point. Peter is awoke by a police radio scanner on his phone, notifying him of King Pins attempted arrest and take down. Quickly jumping up and scrambling to get his costume on, Spider-Man jumps out the window to take down King Pin and save the day.

Peter & MJ

The game also lets us dive into Peter and MJ’s current relationship. These scenes give us some of the most relatable moments throughout the game. Insomniac have managed to create new life and give a modern feel to the two’s relationship.

Showing us the pair texting as Peter tries to make sense of what MJ is saying, all the while Peter is casually swinging and jumping between rooftop’s after saving the day, making quarky comments and quotes in true Spider-Man fashion.

Miles Morales

To a lot of fans delight we also got to see and play as a young high school age Miles Morales.

Miles character shows up roughly a 1/3 of the way into the story. We first get to play as Miles right after Spider-Man stops a helicopter from crashing into the streets of Manhattan. The game then cuts to scene and we see Miles filming the action packed moment as Spider-Man swings off into the distance. After which, Miles receives a text urging him to head down to City Hall for his dad’s ceremony for his heroic’s as a police officer, which you see previously in the game.

“The game makes this feel like a playable story straight out of the MCU!”

All in all, Insomniac Games reinvention and take on Spider-Man’s story is fresh and relatable. They made a story about a young Peter going from the mentored to the mentor and they have done so beautifully.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
Game Image from Playstation 4. All Credit to Marvel, Insomniac Games and Playstation.


Insomniac Games have done an excellent job when it comes to combat in the game. Allowing for a seamless and easy combat that feels natural and most importantly great fun.

As you progress through the game you get to unlock various new skills, gadgets and suit mods that gradually make taking out the bad guys easy and entertaining. While personally I found the suit mods to be a little lacking, the gadgets that you can unlock and choose from make taking out Spider-Mans enemies a boat load of fun.


  • Webshooters – This allows players to web-up a particular enemy, making for an easy take down, you can also use these to target various pieces of the environment to separate a group of villains for a more stealthy approach.
  • Spider drone – You can use the spider drone for an added assist in taking out enemies. The spider drone will shoot energy beams at enemies and distract them while you focus on taking down the others.
  • Web Bomb – The web bomb is an extremely helpful gadget when taking on a large group of enemies, for instance taking out the demon’s warehouses. This gadget allows for numerous enemies to be tangled in webbing allowing players to take down enemies with ease.
  • Electric Webs – This is a great little gadget for stunning Spider-Man’s enemies. Combine this with web-throwing the stunned enemy at others for maximum impact. This gadget also comes in handy for taking out alarms or security cameras etc throughout the games missions.
  • Trip Mine – Admittedly, the trip mine gadget is one that I didn’t use all to often. However, it is great for players who want to take a stealthy approach. Stick the trip mine to a nearby piece of the environment, as a nearby enemy passes the trip mine then detonates, sticking the enemy up in webbing.
  • Concussive Blast – The concussive blast gadget is great for dispersing a group of enemies. The concussive blast discharges a wave of energy that sends nearby enemies flying.
  • Suspension Matrix – Another great and fun gadget. The Suspension matrix does what is says on the tin, by suspending and holding enemies up in the air for a short period of time.


Along with great gadgets, Spider-Man is also great with the environment, you can use near by objects to hurl at enemies, pull down scaffolding and launch weapons and missiles back at enemies. You can also after gaining the right skill launch enemies at other enemies, how great is that!

However, the only thing that does set combat back a little bit is the boss fights. You do lose some of the creative freedom of Spider-Mans combat during boss battles. But, that is easily made up for with inclusion of some amazing, action packed cinematic cuts scenes throughout the fight, which immerses you into the battle as you punch your way through the fight.

Web swinging, map, side missions and enemy bases

There is nothing more enjoyable than the swinging mechanics in Spider-Man PS4.

The natural and nimble feel of controlling Spider-Man as you swing through the streets of the concrete jungle is fun, exciting and addicting. I can’t tell you how many times I lost myself just swinging around this open-world map, climbing building’s and jumping off them, free running across roof tops, web zipping and performing acrobatic tricks, you can easily lose hours of the day.

“Insomniacs open-world map of Spider-Man’s Manhattan is visually stunning and huge!”

Throughout the map players will find various side missions, enemy bases, collectibles, landmarks, easter eggs and yes some quick time events.

Insomniac have done a great job on making each of these an enjoyable and fun experience. From taking out enemy warehouses to taking pictures of popular landmarks, there is hours and hours of fun to be had. Not too mention all the valuable experience and tokens you gain from completing these to level up and upgrade your Spidey.


Marvel's Spider-Man
All credit to Marvel, Insomniac Games and Playstation

The Photo-mode in Insomniac Games Spider-Man (like the one I took above) is amazing! I never knew how much fun screen-shooting images in game could be.

Players can choose from a variety of filters, photo options, frames, stickers, lighting adjustments and more to create their own personal Spidey image. There are a lot of options to choose from, remember to try this, it is incredibly addictive, trust me I know.


With a gripping story, visually stunning open world map, fun side missions and addictive photo mode, Insomniac Games have created a Spider-Man game that’s 10/10 amazing.

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if this was the game of the year. The game was incredibly fun to play, with hours of entertainment. I honestly cannot wait for the DLC (link below for “The Heist” trailer) for more Spidey story.

Insomniac have done a great job creating a story of a mentored young Peter Parker and turned him into a veteran hero who eventually takes the role of mentor himself.

Links and other information.

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PlayStation link: https://www.playstation.com

Marvel link: https://www.marvel.com/

Insomniac Games link: https://insomniac.games/

PlayStation YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-2Y8dQb0S6DtpxNgAKoJKA


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