Something “Fantastic” Coming To Spider-Man PS4

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Something “fantastic” is apparently on it’s way to Spider-Man PS4. 

As many fans who follow Marvel Games will tell you, this week is Fantastic Four week celebration.

Marvel has been releasing additional Fantastic Four content for many of it’s mobile games this week, including titles such as Strike Force and Contest of Champions. However, it was something mentioned at the end of their live stream (followed by a tweet from the official Marvel Games Twitter account) that got fans talking.

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Yes, you did read that right! More content is on it’s way for Spider-Man. The only issue with this….Well, the tweet gives absolutely nothing away about what the content could be.

Many Spider-Man fans are hoping it’s additional DLC for the game, which would feature the Fantastic Four. As awesome as this would be, it doesn’t seem at all plausible.

It takes a great deal of time to create this type of content for a game as big as Spider-Man. Another reason this probably won’t happen is because the final installment to The City That Never Sleeps was just released.

So what could this content be? Well, most likely a new Spider Suit for you to wear as you swing the streets of NYC and let’s face it, new suits mean more epic photo-mode shots and that’s always welcome!

The truth of the matter is, no-one truly knows what content will be arriving to Spider-Man, your guess is as good as mine. 

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