Resident Evil 2: Surviving The Tyrant – Quick Tips (Leon)


Resident Evil 2: Surviving The Tyrant – Quick Tips For Your First Run (Leon)

Resident Evil 2 does a remarkable job of recreating the original 1998 horror game. It brings all the scares and thrills from the first game and brings them to the current gen in a new and exciting way. 

As you might have guessed the game also brings back the iconic Tyrant (Mr. X as some people know the dreaded figure). He is definitely a force to be reckoned with and is as intimidating as ever. Seriously, nothing stops this guy from causing you a whole bunch of stress and panic.  

So, we decided to give you some quick tips on how to make surviving the unstoppable possible, while also swinging the odds in your favor. Here is our Resident Evil 2: Quick tips to surviving the Tyrant (Leon).

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Quick Tips 

1. Run!

The Tyrant can’t be killed, the most you can do is stun him.

With enough gun fire to his ugly mug the Tyrant will fall to one knee but in most cases your better off saving your ammo and running in the opposite direction. Keep running and you will eventually out pace him and he will lose your trail.

2. Listen….

The Tyrant has a heavy foot,

  • The more distant his eerie stomps sound the safer you are. He is currently searching for you..
  • The louder the stomps, the closer he is. The Tyrant will eventually find you if you don’t move your ass!
  • If you hear music RUN! This means the Tyrant has spotted you.
3. Learn the map

Once you first see the dreaded Tyrant (after he pushes the crash landed helicopter out of the way) that’s it. He will be chasing you from this point on for the vast majority of the game.

This is when you really need to start using the map, plan you routes from point A to point B and just in case have an alternative route planned, you never know what corner he might be lurking around. 

4. Save Rooms

Save rooms are your saving grace. Nothing can enter these except you. No zombies and more importantly, no bloody Tyrant. These are great places to save your progress, check your map and find alternative routes, while also giving you some breathing space.

While in the save room the Tyrant will get bored and bugger off looking for you elsewhere. This gives you a golden opportunity to slip out.

5. Be Quiet

If you have given the Tyrant the slip, the last thing you want is to draw him back out.

Gun shots, slamming doors, running and causing mayhem on your way from point A to point B is a sure fire way to get him spawned near your location and on your tail again. 

Rooms The Tyrant Can’t Enter 

Thankfully the map does have several rooms the Tyrant can’t enter.

1. The Observation/Interrogation Room

2. The Clock Tower

3. The S.T.A.R.S Office

4. The Break Room

5. Secret Passage Under The Statue In the Main Hall

6. Any Save Room (Obviously)

It’s also worth noting that the ladder in the Library is also a safe place for some reason? If you take the ladder neither the Tyrant or any zombies can get to you while ascending or descending. 

The Main Hall, as you might have already noticed is not safe from the Tyrant.

When Does The Tyrant Chase You?

So, by now your probably wondering when does the Tyrant start and stop chasing you? Well, below is a list of the Tyrant chases.

*Notice – May contain some spoiler information*

List of Tyrant Chases

Chase #1

Start – When you put out the helicopter fire and then head down the hall towards the helicopter (first encounter).

Finish – When you enter the basement after finding the missing electrical part in the Clock Tower

Chase #2

Start – After gaining access to Ben’s cell and obtaining the parking pass.

Finish – When you make it out of the jail and back into the underground car park.

Chase #3 

Start – When you catch up with Annette while playing as Ada in the Sewers.

Finish – Once you disable the fan with the EMF Visualizer and jump through the gap.

Chase #4

Start – After spraying the herbicide in the lab and obtaining the level 3 pass.

Finish – When you reach the Main Shaft.

Chase #5

Start – After the cut-scene when heading down to the escape train.

Finish – After the cut-scene and final boss fight.

Other Handy Tips

Here are a few more little helpful tips, which may help making your Tyrant encounters a little less stressful.

1. Sometimes allowing the Tyrant to grab you is your best way out! After the Tyrant attacks you he often pauses for a split second, use this little bit of time to run past him.

2. If you need to shoot him the Shotgun and Magnum are your best choices to stun him. Aim for a head shot.

3. The Tyrant is slow. By running away you can easily lose him. Just check your map so you don’t find yourself in a dead end. 

4. Save your ammo – There is no point trying to kill something that can’t be killed.

That’s our Resident Evil 2: Surviving The Tyrant Quick Tips – Hopefully this will help to make your encounter with the Tyrant a little less intimidating and stressful!

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