Red Dead Online Update: Legendary Bounties Added


Legendary Bounties have been added to Red Dead Online.

Rockstar announced 10 new Legendary Bounties for Red Dead Online. These Legendary Bounties, which will be released on a weekly basis, begin with Barbarella Alcazar.

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Barbarella Alcazar is the de facto leader of the bloodthirsty Del Lobos gang. Players can begin their search in the state of New Austin, where she is rumored to be hiding out. Alcazar is wanted for thievery, extortion and murder.

It’s worth while mentioning that bringing her in alive will net the best reward. However, if all hell breaks loose. As sometimes is the case online and Alcazar is somewhat less than alive, you can still expect a small sum. Regardless, you must bring in Alcazar by 23rd September to claim your reward.

Furthermore, a new Legendary Bounty will be available each week by visiting a nearby bounty board. Each bounty will be spread throughout the 5 states. You can choose to challenge them either solo or with up to 3 Posse members.

Collectors Update

Following on from the recent Bounty Hunter update, a collectors update was also released for Red Dead Online. This week is the Pearls of the Sea collection consisting of the Durant Pearl Bracelet, Pelle Pearl Necklace and Bonnard Pearl Ring.

The complete collection must be turned in to Madam Nazar or any post office by 23rd September for a healthy payment.

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