Pokemon Ultra Sun Review


Improving the experience of being a Pokemon Trainer in a variety of new and exciting ways. Pokemon Ultra Sun delivers a fuller and more enjoyable game than it’s predecessors Pokemon Sun and Moon. With new features, better cut scenes and more content, Pokemon Ultra Sun provides a decent upgrade to the Alola region.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun

Right from the start players will immediately notice that the way in which you gain your starter Pokemon is different. As you head out towards the tall grass you are attacked by a wild Pokemon. Thankfully all 3 starters come running in to your aid and manage to scare off the wild nuisance. After this the professor allows you to choose one of the 3 starter Pokemon to begin your adventure.

This is a big improvement over Pokemon Sun and Moon. Offering a quicker, streamlined way of gaining your starter Pokemon. It’s also much more exciting than the original too!

While the major plot of the story stays the same in Pokemon Ultra Sun, it’s small changes like this throughout the game which helps to keep the story interesting rather than repetitive. However, as with all Pokemon games, veteran players will have to suffer through the regular drawn out tutorial of battling and catching Pokemon for the 100th time. Seriously Game Freak and Nintendo, offer us a skip tutorial option already!

New Side Features

A new feature to Pokemon Ultra Sun is Mantine surf. This mini game offers players a way to earn Beach Points or BP for short. You can earn Beach Points from doing various water stunts while you surf on top of Mantine. These Beach Points can then be exchanged for various rare items or TM’s. Beach Points can also be used along side regular Battle Points which you can earn from playing through the Battle Tree post-game.

The Festival Plaza also gets itself a new feature, The Battle Agency. This is a game where players can use “rented” Pokemon. Winning in these Pokemon battles allow you to earn Festival Points or FP for short. However, FP are not as useful or as important as BP. Festival Points allow you to buy various discounted healing items.

Updates In Game

Possibly one of the best improvements to Pokemon Ultra Sun is the updated and immersive cut scenes. These are scattered throughout the games main story. Offering a much more vibrant, colourful and immersive experience than that of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Giving you a push, that drives you and the story forward. While also making you want to succeed and overcome any challenge the game can throw at you.

This is especially true in the cut scene when Necrozma finally appears and battles against Solgaleo at the Altar of the Sunne. What an action-packed epic scene. It took me back to being a kid, when I watched Mew and Mewtwo battle in the first Pokemon movie, it’s awesome!

Early on in the story players are also introduced to the Ultra Recon Squad. These 2 new characters have come to Alola from a different dimension and are researching the aura and light emitted from the power of Z-Moves. The new duo help provide fresh content to the in-game story and are key characters to the inclusion of pocket dimensions and travel. Not to mention their dialog is the more interesting dialog throughout the game.

After players battle Necrozma for the first time (after the epic cut scene mentioned above). The Pokemon travels back through a wormhole to it’s own dimension. This is when you can finally use Lunala to fly through ultra wormholes yourself! Using Lunala players will have to navigate their way through ultra space, encountering various wormholes along the way. These wormholes will vary in size and colour, which is an indication of a rare Pokemon dwelling within specific pocket dimensions.

With the updated cut scenes, the inclusion of the Ultra Recon Squad and dimensional travel, Pokemon Ultra Sun feels more alive than ever. It gives you a fresh, exciting and immersive way to explore the world of Pokemon that quiet frankly Pokemon Sun and Moon was lacking.

Post Game – Episode RR

The final new feature available to Pokemon Ultra Sun is Episode RR. This “episode” is available to players after defeating the Pokemon League for the first time. Episode RR in Pokemon Ultra Sun features Team Rocket! Or rather Team Rainbow Rocket in this case.

During this episode the new champion (you) is called upon to deal with a recently emerged threat. After seeing the potential power to gain from the ultra wormholes, Team Rainbow Rocket take over Aether Paradise. Players will not only have to fight their way through high leveled Rocket Grunts but will also battle against.

  • Archie – Team Aqua
  • Maxie – Team Magma
  • Cyrus – Team Galactic
  • Lysandre – Team Flare
  • Ghetsis – Team Plasma

Each of the above mentioned team leaders will also have the legendary Pokemon from their game titles in their parties.

Once you have fought your way through Team Rockets Castle and defeated all the above you will then battle original bad guy and Team Rocket leader, Giovanni. Who also has a mega evolving Mewtwo in his team.

Episode RR is a big battling spree which is certainly a challenge. It levels your Pokemon up in no time and is a nice touch to Pokemon Ultra Sun. Episode RR helps to solidify yourself as the strongest trainer in Alola.


Pokemon Ultra Sun improves on it’s predecessor no doubt. In fact, if I were to recommend a game I would say skip Pokemon Sun and Moon and go straight for Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. The colours are more vibrant, graphics are improved and cut scenes are more immersive and exciting. It has more content and does a better job of delivering that content to players.

The downside to the game for anyone who has played Pokemon Sun or Moon is that the story as a whole is the same and for a large part makes the game repetitive. The starter Pokemon are still a bit of a let down also, with Rowlet being the only exception, we love you Rowlet!

I would honestly rate Pokemon Ultra Sun a 9/10 game for anyone who hasn’t played Pokemon Sun and Moon.

For everyone else Pokemon Ultra Sun is a 8/10 game.

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