Pokemon Go: Unova Pokemon Have Arrived


Ninatic have released Unova Pokemon to Pokemon Go.

Ninatic announced on Monday (16th September 2019) that they will be releasing the Unova Pokemon into Pokemon Go. This marks the fifth generation of Pokemon on to the popular mobile gaming app. You will be able to find them via random encounters, raids or eggs.

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Some of the Pokemon released include the 3 Unova starters Tepig (fire type) , Oshawott (water type) and Snivy (Grass type). Furthermore, you can also expect to see the likes of Pidove, Purrlion and Blitzle. While you will also be able to challenge Patrat, Klink and Lillipup via in-game raids.

As always, players can expect even more Pokemon from the Unova region to be made available over the coming weeks.

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