PlayStation Name Change And System Update


PSN Name Change

Interesting news has been announced for PlayStation console owners! After years of waiting Sony have said that PSN name changes will finally be coming to the PS4 and PS4 Pro systems. PlayStation owners will soon be able to change their old outdated names. However, there is a catch to this new feature. Players will be given one free name change, any name changes after this will cost £7.99. For PlayStation Plus members the price will be £3.99 after the first free name change.

This is good news for players currently stuck with online IDs they regret or have just become outdated over time.

Sony have stated the beta will be released for a limited selection of users in November 2018. With a full release of the program available to everyone else sometime in 2019. It looks as though you will keep your original ID, with your new ID acting as a sort of Nickname.

Will you be taking advantage of this new feature?

PlayStation System Update 6.02

A new update for the PS4 system has been released this week. The firmware patch for the PS4 will provide console owners with minor system improvement enhancements.

The new patch is 447.4 MB and is a mandatory download for console owners. Other than the generic single patch note, it is unclear what update 6.02 actually does. Sony have stated the patch improves system performance. However, many have speculated that the main purpose for the update is to combat the recent PS4 crash loop affecting users.

The bug was sent out via direct message to users and contained special characters, which would ultimately lead to users PS4 systems to crash. However, Sony have said that the issue has been resolved. They have also advised that anyone still suffering from the issue delete the message via the PSN app.

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