PlayStation Classic: Awesome Games We Want To See!!


Another holiday season brings yet another nostalgia filled Christmas gift! The PlayStation Classic is due to release on 3rd December 2018 and will include 20 pre-loaded games.

However, presumably to keep the hype going until it’s release. Sony have only told us 5 of the 20 titles that will be included. Leaving us to speculate and hope our favourite titles will make the final cut onto the console.

With hundreds of possible game titles that could be on the PlayStation Classic, we decided to make a list, as we do! Here are 10 Awesome Games We Want To See on the PlayStation Classic!!


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1. Metal Gear Solid

Kojima Produtions first Metal Gear game would be a welcome addition to the upcoming console. Released for the PlayStation back in 1998. Metal Gear Solid started off one of the best action-stealth based series of all time!

2. Resident Evil 2

With the remake of Resident Evil 2 releasing next year, it would be awesome to get in some time and play the original ahead of the remakes release! As probably the best game in the Resident Evil series, this better be on the PlayStation Classic!

Playing as series veterans Leon Kennedy and Claire Richfield you search through the ruins of Racoon City. Fighting your way through the zombie outbreak, you will uncover the truth behind the secretive and devious Umbrella Corporation.


3. Crash Bandicoot

As pretty much the PS1 mascot, you can’t have a PlayStation Classic console without Crash Bandicoot. Released in 1996, Crash Bandicoot was the 8th best selling PlayStation video game, selling almost 7 million copies!

The game was briefly included on Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: A Thief’s End. Now it’s time for the full version to come back home to PlayStation!

4. Gran Tursimo 2

For it’s time Gran Turismo 2 had some amazing graphics! The title was also one to popularize the racing genre on home consoles. Even people not into cars and racing were buying the game.

With over 600 hundred vehicles and an awesome customization system GT2 needs to be on the PlayStation Classic!

5. Rayman 2: The Great Escape

How cool was Rayman. I mean the dude was a floating body with no legs, arms or neck! You could just launch your giant fist to punch enemies, the guy was awesome!

Improving itself over the original by joining the 3D gaming world, having super fun boss fights and a nice storyline. Like with Crash Bandicoot you can’t have a PlayStation Classic without him.

6. Tomb Raider 2

As fun as the original Tomb Raider was, the 2nd Tomb Raider definitely cemented itself as one of the best games of the franchise! Improving on the graphics, story and combat Tomb Raider 2 is the game where we all began to love the iconic Lara Croft.

As one of the best games for the Playstation, it would be great to finally be able to replay again!

7. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

What a game! Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 was probably one of the coolest games to be released for the PlayStation. From creating your own custom skater to the awesome soundtracks. You could also build your own skate parks too! The game was all round great fun to play.



8. Spyro The Dragon

It could be argued by fans of the series that Spyro was as much of a mascot for the PlayStation as Crash Bandicoot was. I mean look at the guy, he’s a cute purple little dragon that glides around, headbutts his enemies and can breathe fire. Spyro is awesome and needs to be on the PlayStation Classic.

With the Spyro Reignited trilogy releasing in November, it would be great to play the original too.

9. Medal of Honor

The Godfather of all FPS. Medal of Honor was one of the first ever serious shooters. With a story written by Steven Spielberg, the 1999 classic set the bar for all future FPS titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Medal of Honor needs a slot on the PlayStation Classic!

10. Silent Hill

For it’s time, Silent Hill was an excellent horror game. Released in 1999, the game follows a young man as he searches for his missing adopted daughter. Silent Hill also has 5 possible endings to the game, depending on the choices you make! For as scary as it was at the time you still wanted to replay to see what the other endings could have been.

Like Medal of Honor, Silent Hill is the godfather to the horror game genre and as such, should be included on the PlayStation Classic!

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So what did you think to this list? Are there any classic games we missed? What game do you want to see on the Playstation Classic? Let us know!


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