PlayStation 5: 5 Rumors That Could Be True

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PlayStation 5: 5 Rumors That Could Be True

The PlayStation 4 has provided us with years of visually stunning graphics, amazing titles, some of the best exclusive games and stories that will stick with us for a life time.

Yep, the PS4 has done us proud this generation. So it’s no wonder fans are clawing at any opportunity to find out more about Sony’s next big console release.

With very little information on the PlayStation 5’s release, (it’s actually kind of sad how little we know) and the fact that we, as gamer’s, can be an impatient bunch. We decided to find 5 rumors about the PlayStation 5 that could actually be true!

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1. Backwards Compatibility

PlayStation 5: 5 Rumors That Could Be True - Nutty Gamer

One rumor that could in-fact be true is backwards compatibility. Back when the PS4 was first launched it wasn’t a pressing issue for Sony to include backward compatibility in it’s new generation console.

However, times have changed and the PlayStation fan base made their voices heard. Many gamer’s do indeed want the PlayStation 5 to have true backwards compatibility in some form. No, not one where we have to rent or subscribe through some sort of service to play old games but instead be able to continue playing the games we have already purchased.

Another reason this may turn out to be true is because of the library of games the PS4 now has! It’s taken 6 years for the PS4 library to get where it is today…. I’m pretty sure no one wants to throw it all away, start from scratch again and have an excruciating wait for a single big game title to finally release. I mean do you remember what it was like waiting for Infamous Second Son to finally come out? 


2. No Optical Drive

PlayStation 5: 5 Rumors That Could Be True - Nutty Gamer

Another rumor that’s been flying it’s way around the internet is that the PlayStation 5 will have no optical drive. 

Unfortunately for some this could turn out to be true. There’s a reason Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music/iTunes are so popular. They are quick, easy and convenient ways for you to listen to or watch what you want, when you want to. You just click the download button and it’s yours. 

Not to mention 80% of PlayStation’s game sales come from digital downloads! When most of your market is downloading games rather than buying physical copies is there much of an incentive for you to continue using hardware space for something that is on a rapid decline? 

By ditching the optical drive Sony will then have more hardware space in it’s console, allowing them to include things like more internal storage and a better cooling system, so your PlayStation doesn’t sound like it’s about to take off on it’s flight from London to New York. 


3. True 4K Gaming

PlayStation 5: 5 Rumors That Could Be True - Nutty Gamer

While the PS4 Pro does offer a form of 4k gaming, it still isn’t the native 4k gaming experience that gamer’s want.

For those who don’t know, the PS4 Pro uses a “checkerboard” approach to 4k gaming. In which the console takes single pixels and using each of these pixels it’s able to render four pixels in order to give off the 4k resolution. 

However, the truth of the matter is the PS4 Pro still has to sacrifice resolution for performance in order to keep your game stable. What the PS4 Pro does offer us is the starting point to native 4k gaming.

With that said, the number of 4k T.V’s being sold is continuing to rise. It’s only reasonable to assume that native 4k gaming should be a given for the PlayStation 5.


4. Games Launching On The PlayStation 5

A popular topic on Twitter is which upcoming games could be releasing for the PlayStation 5. There are 2 specifically that are aboard the rumor train which could be launching on the upcoming console.

The Last of Us: Part II – There’s a good reason many believe The Last of Us: Part II could be coming to the PS5. The Last of Us was initially released for the PlayStation 3 and not long after the PS4 was launched, Naughty Dog released a Remaster for the popular game, specifically for the next gen console. Many believe that history will repeat itself, with The Last of Us: Part II releasing for the PS4 and then a remaster coming for the PlayStation 5.

Death Stranding – You just have to look at the current trailers for Hideo Kojima’s latest title to see this is going to be a big one! The level of attention to detail in this game is insane (if the trailers are anything to go by). With no official release date yet, this could be one of the first big game titles to release specifically for the PlayStation 5. If not, then it could follow the same path as The Last of Us. Releasing for both consoles during the transition period.


5. PlayStation 5 Release Date

PlayStation 5: 5 Rumors That Could Be True - Nutty Gamer

The biggest question everyone is asking and trying to answer is when will the PS5 be released? There is an endless pool online filled with rumors, speculation and fake news surrounding this very question.

However, if the big guys are to be believed PlayStation fans shouldn’t expect the PlayStation 5 to be released in 2019. Instead it’s more likely to be released towards Q4 of 2020. The reasons for this are

  1. The PS4 has been incredibly successful, therefore Sony probably isn’t feeling the urgency to release it’s next big console too soon. 
  2. Sony have no plans to attend this year’s E3. If you were about to release your next big console, wouldn’t you expect them to advertise this at every major event?
  3. Xbox aren’t releasing their next-gen console until 2020. 
  4. Cost of the console to consumers. New technology isn’t cheap, by releasing your next big console too soon you could end up out-pricing a large part of your consumer base. By waiting a little longer for the cost of the new tech to drop, you can then sell your product at a more affordable price point. 


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