PlayStation 5 Launching Holiday 2020 and New Details for PS5 Controller


Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5, which will be launching in time for holiday 2020. Confirming both the official name and release window of the next generation console. Furthermore, Sony also took another step forward and revealed new information for the PS5 controller too.

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PS5 Controller – New Features

The new PS5 controller will feature 2 key updates over the previous DualShock 4 controller. The first update is the adoption of “Haptic Feedback” which will be replacing the “rumble” technology found in the current PS4 controllers. This will allow players to “feel a broader range of feedback”.  So things like crashing a car in Grand Theft Auto will feel different to walking through long grassy areas. Sony says this new controller feature is to “deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games”.

The second new feature coming to the PS5 controller is “Adaptive Triggers”, which has been implemented to the L2 and R2 trigger buttons. This allows developers to program their own resistance. In PlayStation’s Blog, Jim Ryan uses the example that you can feel the resistance of “drawing a bow and arrow”. Furthermore, Ryan also states that adaptive triggers when used in combination with haptic feedback can help to “provide a powerful experience which better simulates various actions.”

However, it’s worth mentioning that the new PS5 controllers, at current time don’t have an official name. While you may assume that it would be called the DualShock 5, that may not be the case. In a recent Wired interview System Architect Mark Cerny states that the controller “doesn’t have a name yet”.

Additional PlayStation 5 details

The Wired interview also revealed more details for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Console.

  • “Ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware” – Confirmed by Mark Cerny
  • A disc drive will be included for physical games and 4k Blu-Rays
  • The hard drive has been replaced with a solid-state drive
  • Game installation is mandatory. However, this will be different to the current PS4 due in part to the new SSD. Instead of installing the entire game you could just install the multi-player campaign for example.
  • There is a revamped UI.
  • The controller also has improved speakers, USB Type-C  and a bigger battery too!

So there you have it. The PlayStation 5 will be launching holiday 2020! Are you excited for the next Sony console? Let us know in the comments below.

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