PlayStation 4: More Than 30 Million Units Sold


The PlayStation 4 has sold more than 30 Million Units in the US.

According to a recent tweet from Daniel Ahmad (analyst for Niko Partners) and reported on by VG247 among others, the PlayStation 4 has sold a whopping 30 million units in the US alone. As most are aware, the PS4 has sold roughly 100 million units worldwide, which is an incredible feat by itself. By comparison, the PlayStation 2 has sold just over 158 million units worldwide (as of January 2013), with roughly 53 million units sold coming from the US.

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What’s interesting to note is that of the 100 million world wide unit sales, 30 million of them came from the US. That’s 30% of the total unit sales. The tweet from Daniel Ahmad also breaks down unit sales from other major markets including Japan 8.3 million, Germany 7.2 million, United Kingdom 6.8 million.

It’s interesting to see the statistical breakdown of these numbers. What’s more is that while 30% of the total unit sales did come from the US alone, the rest of the PlayStation 4’s unit sales were from across the world. This should also serve as a reassuring sign for Sony when it comes to their next console release. Hopefully the PlayStation 5 will see the same success!

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