Pixel Watch: Patent Leaks with Surprising Feature

A recent Pixel Watch leak has emerged throughout the inter-webs and the patent details a surprising and unique move by Google. 
The Patent seems to show that the rumored Pixel Watch could come with an in-display type of camera. The camera would be located within the centre of the watch face. 
This would be an interesting and unique move by Google but begs an important question. What could this camera even be used for? The only logical thing I could think of is a form of Face unlock for the watch itself, which would be cool and would make getting into a smartwatch more easy and convenient. Other than that the camera seems kind of pointless. 
I mean taking video calls or even selfies with something attached to your wrist would just become annoying and old really quick. Can you imagine sitting next to someone trying to take the perfect selfie with their watch? It seems crazy! Having said that, crazier things have happened.
Anyways, whatever this may or may not be is irrelevant. I think it would be great to finally see the Pixel Watch available for purchase, it’s been a long time coming!

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