Pixel 4: New Images Leaked for Google’s Next Smartphone

As the next line of Google smartphones continue to draw closer and closer the more we are learning about the Pixel 4. 
Another leak has emerged online which gives us our clearest look yet at the new Pixel 4/4XL. While the source for the photo is still up for debate, it has been reported by XDA’s Mishaal Rahmen that the pictures emerged from a “small” telegram group. 
Regardless, the overall design, which can be seen in the photo’s does seem to line up with the leaks and details we have already seen. 

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The picture details the forehead of the phone which is presumably housing the Face ID, Soli, front facing camera and speaker grill. 

Moving down the front of the device their seems to be small side bezel along with a white power button. There is a small chin on the bottom of the device as well. 
Turning over to the back of the device we see the square camera in all it’s glory. Which, in all honesty doesn’t look half bad and blends nicely with the back of the device. It will be interesting to see how the white variant of the phone will look with this camera though. However, overall first impressions, the phone looks good. 

Final Thoughts

If this is indeed the Pixel 4 then I personally think this will be one of the best phone’s released in 2019. Finally a phone not following the gimmick of “more screen”.  Let’s face it “more screen” doesn’t equal better phone it just makes the device harder to use. Your more likely to accidentally touch parts of the phone you didn’t mean to often leading to frustration and the eventual change of phone or you know, throwing it out of the car window. 
What the Pixel 4 seems to be offering is the safe bet and that’s fine. We don’t need more screen, smaller bezels or more cameras. No, we need a device which improves your life, makes things easier and more convenient for you and the Pixel 4 looks like it will be offering just that. Now we just have to hope you don’t have to sell a kidney to get one!

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