Pixel 4 Leaks: Why is Google confirming them?


Pixel 4 leaks – Why is Google confirming them?

With all the recent Pixel 4 leaks that are out there and Google seemingly confirming many of them, I have been thinking lately. (I know, me, thinking, dangerous game). Anyway, why is Google seemingly ready and willing to jeopardize their own keynote reveal?  

The Pixel, as many of you know, is Google’s main flagship device. As such, with any manufacture, you want to hide as many details as possible from the public. Especially the details for your most popular products. You know, to keep that hype train running.

However, in Google’s case, they may have missed that memo or have chosen to throw it right out of the window.

I find it incredibly entertaining how the biggest tech giant in the world can’t seem to stop the leaks from spreading. (Yet they’re always promoting online privacy? Weird…)  However, I have come to a conclusion as to why this is. 

I believe it’s intentional. All one big PR stunt by Google. Let’s look at the leaks that have come out and been confirmed so far by Google.

Leak #1 

The back square camera. 

Leak number one was confirmed not long after @onleaks released their render of what the back of the Pixel 4 may look like.

This outright revealed what the back design of the Pixel 4 will be. Shockingly similar to the back of the rumored iPhone 11 design, right?

Leak #2, #3 & #4

Why did I bundle 3 leaks together? Well, one, to try and save you some time reading this article and two, because they all kind of relate to the same thing.

You see, after the back design was confirmed by Google many moved on to the front design. Would we be getting another **Gulp** notch, a punch hole design similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10 or another forehead design on the Pixel 4?

Well, not long after we had our answer. The rumor mill once again began to swirl and it was speculated we could expect a forehead design, housing not only a Face ID unit but also Soli. For those who don’t know Soli is a motion-sensing radar. This enables you to perform air gestures without touching the device. 

Then the below tweet happened.


Google also released this blog article going more in-depth on the features jam packed into that forehead design. 

Why Google is behind the leaks

As I stated earlier, I believe everything that has been leaked, rumored and confirmed is completely intentional by Google. 

I believe Google let the information slip out to the “leakers” and then when the time was right they also confirmed the details. 

So, why are they doing this? Why leak and confirm your own information months before schedule? Because of Apple.

Apples big keynote announcement which reveals their new line up of products typically takes place in September. When does Google reveal their products at their event? October. 

Therefore, by Google releasing key details of the upcoming Pixel 4 first they are solidifying with the general public that they were first, not Apple, not the iPhone but Google with the Pixel 4.

You see that square back camera, you now think it was Apple who copied Google. 

Why are Google targeting Apple? I think it’s because they want to convert all the iPhone users currently due an upgrade to the Pixel 4. The majority of the population simply can’t afford to upgrade to the latest iPhone model and Google knows this.

Just look at their recent ad campaign for the Pixel 3a. 

Google is trying desperately to convert iPhone users to Pixel users and with ads like these and the potential improvements to the Pixel 4 (maybe even the Pixel 4a) it’s becoming harder and harder for the general public, the average consumer, even you to justify staying with the Apple brand. 

However, Apple does have one thing Google does not. The Apple eco-system. While Google can launch clever advertising campaigns, cheaper smartphones and confirm Pixel leaks ahead of the release. They are missing the eco-system Apple has successfully built.

Unless Google can replicate the same eco-system Apple has, but for their hardware, they will struggle to convert iPhone users over to the Pixel .

That’s my take on why Google has been confirming the leaks for the Pixel 4. At the end of the day it’s just speculation and my own opinion.

Why do you think Google has been confirming all these leaks? 

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