Nutty Gamer’s Top 5 PS4 Games……So Far


The PS4 has been around for 5 years now. Over the years we have seen some amazing titles being released, and I have had the pleasure to enjoy and play through some bloody good games. Some of which I have played and re-played over and over again.

Whether it is through great story telling, amazing graphics, fun missions, cool combos and many more, here is Nutty Gamer’s top 5 list of PS4 games so far.

1. The Last of Us – Remastered

With a captivating story line taking you through a brutal post apocalyptic world, The Last of Us Remastered hooks you from the first second of loading, to the final scene.

The story takes you through the lives of 2 characters, Joel and Ellie, as they travel across a broken and post-apocalyptic USA to deliver a possible cure that could save the last of humanity.

With twist and turns at every corner and enemies of both the dead and living variety. You are left to navigate a harsh wasteland using resources you find scattered throughout the game to survive.

If you plan to play any game, I couldn’t recommend a game more than this one.

2. GTA V

What would a top 5 PS4 games list be without including the juggernaut that is Grand Theft Auto 5? I’ll tell you what, an insane list!

With a fantastic story line, great graphics, amazing game play, a giant open world to travel, excellent driving, flying and boating mechanics this game is still a king 5 years later. I’ll admit I have replayed the story mode to this game more times than I can remember.

The game has you play as 3 characters. Each with their own individual and intertwining story. You get to play through the lives of Michael, Trevor and Franklin as they deal with various situations and missions throughout the game all leading to that final big score.  Whether you choose to focus on the missions and story or you want to run around causing carnage, get in to car chases or fly across Los Santos in a military jet. With so much to do you will be entertained for hours and that’s not even including GTA Online!

Top 5 PS4 Games
Top 5 PS4 Games

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Another Naughty Dog title making the list! The last in Nathan Drake’s story is a true masterpiece from great combat to an amazing end story Uncharted 4 wraps up the story of Nathan Drake perfectly.

Taking you through immersive chapters that seamlessly run through cinematic scene’s and game play, not to mention some great action scenes too.

The story begins with Nathan and Elena trying to retire from the many adventures of their past only to be sucked back into the action one last time from Nathan’s previously believed dead brother Sam. While the game does have similar mechanics to that of the past, take cover, shoot, run to next cover, shoot and repeat. It is more than compensated for by the great story telling, acting and visual arts.

4. Until Dawn

Now I know what some of you may be thinking. Until Dawn, really? This guy really is a Nutty Gamer. But here me out.

Until Dawn could very well be the start of a beautiful relationship between the movie and film industry. By smashing a game and film together the result is an immersive horror film for which you are in control, making you the star of this cinematic game, can you stay alive until dawn?

The story takes place 1 year after the tragic death’s of 2 sisters Beth and Hannah, a group of friends rejoin Josh (Hannah and Beth’s brother) at his parents log cabin on Blackwood Mountain. The game run’s on a butterfly effect, so be careful as every decision you choose to make will have an effect on you later in the game. Can you keep everyone alive Until Dawn?

But seriously let me know if you managed to keep everyone alive until dawn, I have played that game 3 times now and have failed every time.

5. Infamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch nailed this game for me. I mean what could be more fun than choosing whether to use your new found powers for good or evil? Well perhaps one of the other 4 games on this list, but that’s irrelevant right now.

Infamous Second Son see’s you play as Delsin Rowe, a rebel badass with a character and personality somewhat similar to Damon Salvatore. If you don’t believe me just go watch a couple of seasons of the Vampire Diaries and tell me they aren’t similar.

Beginning your quest through a locked down Seattle, after your tribe recently became the latest victims of Augustine’s concrete power. It’s up to you to choose your path. Will you become infamous or a true hero as you hunt down Augustine, and the D.U.P to take back control of Seattle and save your tribe.



Congrats, you made it to the end! If I has a sticker i’d give it to you.

So what do you think to the top 5 list? Do you agree with the games listed or are their some other amazing games I haven’t listed? It was tough to break down to just 5, there are so many great games with more and more being released all the time.

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Thanks for reading!


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