Why Infamous Second Son is Still Great 4 Years Later!


Infamous Second Son was released for the PS4 on 21st March 2014.

As one of the first PS4 exclusive titles, Infamous Second Son set the bar for all future game titles. Taking place 7 years after the events of Infamous 2, here is why Infamous Second Son is still great!

1. Story

Continuing it’s roots in comic book style story telling, Infamous Second Son’s story is both captivating and entertaining from the opening scene to the end credits.

Infamous allows players to choose between 2 story lines. You can play your way to becoming a True Hero and have the citizens of Seattle cheer your name as you launch your attack against Augustine and the rest of the D.U.P, or you can choose to become Infamous and be feared by the masses.

The ability to play 2 versions of the same story makes Infamous Second Son a great game to replay again!

2. Freedom of Choice

One of the best things about Infamous Second Son is the ability to choose how you play the game. Will you choose to fill up on good karma and become a True Hero? Or fill up on evil karma and become Infamous.

Each choice has it’s own perks and draw backs. For example, choosing to become a True Hero means players will receive better healing and defense, but will lack some of the offensive powers that evil karma brings. Players choosing to become Infamous will pack a bigger punch with more powerful attacks, but will lack on some of the healing and defensive powers that come with good karma.

3. Open World

Infamous Second Son is also great to play for it’s open world map, which is filled with fun side activities you can do that help you reach your goal of becoming Infamous or a True Hero. Players can,

  • Draw graffiti around Seattle with Infamous Second Son’s cool spray paint feature
  • Take out D.U.P command centres
  • Hunt down D.U.P secret agents
  • Find hidden audio logs
  • Find and destroy D.U.P tracking drones
  • Destroy D.U.P hand scanning stations
  • Take part in a District showdown

Or you can just run around causing mayhem and carnage with your new super-powers and abilities.

4. Powers

Another point that makes Infamous Second Son great to play, is the arsenal of original super powers you gain throughout the game. As Delsin Rowe, players can get their hands on,

  • Smoke
  • Neon
  • Television
  • Concrete

Unfortunately concrete is not available until you have pretty much completed the game. However, it’s still great fun to use! Especially if you still have plenty to do around the map, which I have listed in point 3.

5. Combat

Having all the above mentioned super powers, as you can imagine, makes for some entertaining combat.

Along with standard melee attacks, players can also upgrade their super powers to fight back against the D.U.P.

Whether you want to shoot missiles from your hands, summon demons or be able to slow down time and make some wicked head shots. There is plenty of fun to be had as you continue to fight your way through Seattle.


Infamous Second Son is like one of those rainy day films you watch, it’s easy to load into your PS4 and get straight into. For a now 4 year old game, Infamous Second Son still holds its own against the many PS4 gaming titles that have come and gone since it’s release in 2014. With freedom of choice, an entertaining combat system and good story line, it’s a nice, simple way to spend your evening.


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