Huawei Mate 30 Pro Not Launching With License To Google Apps

Oh boy. Huawei has definitely seen better days. It has recently come to light that Huawei’s next flagship device, the Mate 30 Pro will not be launching with license to any of Google’s related apps. This will include apps like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube or most importantly the Google Play Store. 
This will be a huge blow, not only to Huawei but also any customers who enjoy using Huawei smartphones. Seriously not good.

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What does this mean for you?

Now, it’s important to remember that Android OS is open source. Meaning anyone, if they would like can use the software and alter it to suit them and their devices. For example, Samsung with their version of Android. 
With that being said, due to the U.S/China trade war, Google is now unable to offer it’s services to Huawei under current U.S policies which have been signed by Trump.
What this means is the Mate 30 Pro can launch with Android OS. However, Huawei will not be allowed to access any of the benefits of launching with a Google backed version of the software. So, the Android OS launching on Huawei’s latest device, the Mate 30 Pro will not  have access to Google apps. You will also have no way to download any of the apps from the Google Play Store (as the Google Play Store will not be launching on the device either).
This is a major problem, maybe not so much for the tech savvy but for the mass market. If you don’t have the knowledge on how to download these apps or software, how is the device useful for you? It’s not, plain and simple. 
For those who are a bit more inclined, downloading an APK could be your only means going forward. However, this comes with a wealth of it’s own problems such as viruses etc. Best to be careful when taking this route. 

Final Thoughts

Currently it is not known how the device will operate based on the current climate. While we do know that Harmony OS exists. We also know that it is not designed for Huawei’s current line of smartphones.
Another big issue to consider is without access to the Google Play Store, Huawei would have to look at creating their own app market place. You have to wonder, would companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and other large tech giants create new port versions of their apps for this new marketplace? If not then Huawei doesn’t have access to these brands. This could heavily influence whether people to choose to buy this particular product in the western marketplace.
It’s possible that this device could be heavily limited to the Chinese marketplace. For the time being anyway, as this would make the most sense for Huawei  with the current climate they’re facing.
Until the U.S and China can learn to play nice again, unfortunately it’s not looking good for Huawei in the western marketplace. 

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