GTA V: 8 Awesome Things You May Have Missed!

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GTA V may have been released 5 years ago…. Wow time flies! But that doesn’t mean Rockstar Games are done surprising their fans.

With such a huge map and so much attention to detail, it seems that there is always something new for players to find.

Let’s dive into the 8 awesome things you may have missed in GTA V…

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8. Ghost Apparition 

GTA V: 8 Awesome Things You May Have Missed - Nutty Gamer

Fans of the paranormal might want to head to the top of Mount Gordo. Why? Well between the hours of 23:00 – 00:00 you can witness the ghost of Mount Gordo appear right before your eyes.

You will have to look for a rock which has the word “JOCK” written in what appears to be blood. Then between the hours stated above, the ghost will appear as a translucent figure, eerily floating just above the rock. 

She has long black hair and is wearing a white gown with an open-mouthed, petrified expression stuck on her face. 

However, it is worth noting that there is no way for you to interact with her. Move to close and she just disappears. Still, it can be a freaky sight to see!

7. The Frozen Alien

Another awesome thing that’s easily missed can actually be found during the prologue of GTA V.

When you get into the get-away vehicle after robbing the bank with Brad and Trevor, instead of following the road to the railroad tracks, turn right off the road a little early.  

Make your way down to the frozen river and stop once you are under the bridge. Now, get out of your vehicle and look down, you will see an alien frozen in the ice!

6. Shoot The Moon

Ok, so this is kind of an on-going gag that’s been happening since GTA III.

However, if you don’t know or for those just generally interested, go ahead and shoot the moon! Doing so should result in the moon changing sizes.

Another easily missed detail in GTA V is that the moon actually has phases and cycles. Yes, just like it’s real life counterpart. How about that for attention to detail!

5. The Bermuda Triangle

So this one is a little weird and is something that occurs in GTA V: Online. 

Many of us have heard of the Bermuda Triangle right? That place off the coast of Florida notorious for making boats and planes vanish into thin air. 

Well as it turns out, there is also a Bermuda Triangle located within the map of GTA V. 

To find the triangle head just off the coast of Paleto Bay while playing online. Players have reported that entering the triangle causes you to teleport back to the beach without your vehicle.

If that wasn’t already weird enough for you, some players have also noticed that items from their inventory have also gone missing!

4. UFO Spotted!

GTA V is filled with alien references and well, just aliens in general. It’s kind of like a not so secret obsession of Rockstar’s. 

To find this particular UFO players will need to take a submarine to the northern edge of the map. Here deep below the surface of the water you will find a UFO which appears to have crash landed. 

This is not the only UFO you can find around Los Santos either. There are actually 3 others you can find. However, the other 3 are only available to those who have reached 100% completion of the game.

3. Michael, Franklin and Trevor Are Based On 3 Different Types Of Players

This one is quiet interesting.

Rockstar Games believes there are 3 different types of players who participate in playing the GTA franchise. Because of this Rockstar made the personality traits of the main characters reflect that of the players who control them.

  • Michael: A retired criminal trying to forget and move on from his past. He represents the long term fans of the franchise. Those of us familiar with the overall feel and mechanics of the game, who now enjoy exploring the open-world and making new discoveries.
  • Franklin: The new kid on the block, eager to make a name for himself, learn the ropes of the criminal world and take his ill-gotten gains. His character is tailored to the new players of the franchise, those who are learning just what GTA is all about!
  • Trevor: The destructive maniac who loves to cause carnage wherever he goes. He reflects the players who enjoy the freedom given to them to do whatever they want in this massive open-wold. 

2. The Underwater Hatch.

We are diving back into the waters of Los Santos for this one. 

The underwater hatch can be located off the east coast of San Andreas. You will need a submarine or scuba gear to dive down to the bottom of the ocean floor, where you will find it.

The hatch is circular, (which you may have guessed) with a rectangular window, which, once close enough you will notice a light come on. That’s not all though! Hovering just above the hatch, you will hear a series of tapping noises.

What do these taps mean? Well, it turns out that the tapping was a form of Morse Code, which translates to “Hey, you never call me, would you like to go bowling?” Fans of the franchise will remember that this is what Niko Bellic’s cousin, Roman, used to say in GTA IV.

Roman, always calling at the worst possible time!

1. The Infinity Killer

Players looking for a good old fashioned creepy mystery will appreciate this one. 

Scattered throughout Blaine County you will find a string of weird and strange messages that seem to hint at a series of possible murders. 

While this secret side quest seems to have no effect what-so-ever on any of the main or side missions found during the game. One thing we know for certain is there is a dark tale to be unearthed for those brave enough to tackle the case.

The whole mystery of the Infinity Killer is a little complex. However, if you would like to give it a go here is a guide to help you out!

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