Google Play Could Be Killing Your Battery Life

Some potentially bad news for Android phone owners has emerged online. Google Play Services has been reported to be killing battery life in Android phones. 
Reports of the issue began to surface on twitter over the weekend, with users showing unusual battery drain since the latest Google Play Services update (18.3.82). The stats shared on Twitter show that the battery drain is quite significant, which could lead to your phone tapping out well before the end of the day.
Currently there has been no word on why this is happening or when it is planned (if at all) to be fixed. 

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How to check if you have been affected.

If you would like to check if the updated Google Play Services app is effecting your phone. Here are the steps to check.
  1. Go to your settings
  2. Select battery
  3. Select batter usage or usage totals (whatever “battery usage” may be labeled as on your device).
  4. Go to the 3 dots in the corner of the screen and select “show full device usage”
After completing the above mentioned steps, check to see whether the Google Play app is mentioned at the top of your device usage list. If it is, your device could be suffering from Google Play Services battery attack.

What can you do to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, not a whole lot. As Play Services is a fundamental part of Android devices there is no way to “disable” or “force stop” the app, as is the case with many others. 
You could roll your device back to the previous update. However, the issue with this is Google will be quick to force you to update to the latest version. 
Another option would be to download the beta for the next update by becoming a “tester”. You can do this by visiting here. However, as this is for people with more “know-how” in the tech community, it isn’t really a suitable fix for the average user.
You could also try clearing the cache or storage from the app to see if this helps to reduce the issue. Here are the steps for this
  1. Go to your settings
  2. Click on storage
  3. Select the “apps” or “other apps” option (again whichever it’s labelled as on your device)
  4. Find and click on Google Play Services 
  5. Selected “clear storage” and also select “clear cache”
Other than the options listed above, this is all you can do currently. Hopefully Google will be quick to pick up on the problem and fix it with a patch update.
Have you been affected by the Google Play Service update? 

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