God of War: Quick Tips To Help You Get Started


God of War – Quick Tips

God of War is one of 2018’s best games. It has a superb story, fantastic combat mechanics and an awesome axe you can throw and summon back to you. What else do you need to feel like a god, am I right?

With that being said, there are a few things I wish I knew when I first started God of War. These tips would have made my life so much easier but hopefully they can help you!

Without wasting anymore time let’s get into it.

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God of War: Quick Tips To Help You Get Started
Upgrade Atreus Bow Skills

This one is arguably something everybody skimped out on for their first play-through in God of War. However, DO NOT (yes I’m using caps) skip this!

If anything you want to upgrade Atreus bow skills A.S.A.P it may seem insignificant in the beginning but later on down the road that little dude will be able to save you when your in a pickle. You can then smash that square button and do a nice bit of damage.

Take a minute to look around 

I’m not going to lie, on my first play-through I just smashed through the story from one mission to the next. I didn’t even think to have a good look around the area I was in. 

Needless to say when I finally re-played the game and took a minute to explore the surroundings before moving on, there was a bit to discover. Number one being more Hacksilver and Svartalheim steel for your upgrades, always good.

However, you can also find special gear sets and better resources too. Just from taking the time to explore between missions. By exploring you will inevitably make surviving throughout the story much easier.

Help out Brok and Sindri 

The two NPC characters you are likely to remember from your time playing God of War is the dwaf brothers Brok and Sindri. 

Whenever you hear these two in-game it always lightens the mood a little. They’re great characters. Anyway’s throughout the game they will periodically ask you to do something for them. Definitely do the favors for them, it’s worth seeing their story thread through to the end. 

Do some side missions

Following on from the point above, why not take the time to do some of the side missions available. Not only will this extend your game play time but it will also make you level up faster and gain you some valuable XP for more awesome attacks.

The chest will open!

You might be looking at those rune chest thinking there is no way to open that right now. However, you would be mistaken! While, yes hitting all those bells in just the right way to get the damn thing to open may seem like an impossible task, it can be done. 

Unfortunately it’s just something you will have to stick with, it’s a puzzle and it can be solved. 

Sell your old armor

God of War works in a very, very simple way if you have no use for it, sell it! Just like with any collectibles you find, you won’t need or miss any of the things you aren’t using.

However, should you find yourself missing any of your old gear you can always just buy it back anyway. So, no harm done. 

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