Gaming Setup On A Budget


Gaming Setup On A Budget

Every gamer has a dream. A dream of an entire room dedicated to full on gaming. Somewhere you can go and escape the real-world, where you can kick back and relax. For most gamers the idea of a gaming room is just an idea. For most, it all comes down to the money. Gaming setups are expensive, and it’s something that some gamers invest in heavily. Taking this into account, I searched around to find out how much it would cost to build yourself a cool gaming set up. Which, most importantly is wallet friendly.

For arguments sake, I assumed that you already had your console or gaming PC/Laptop purchased. Now let’s move onto the gear to make your gaming setup a reality!

1. TV/Monitor

So you purchased your game console or pc/laptop. The most important thing to any gaming set up is the display screen you choose. Games are becoming more realistic, cinematic and colourful. To get the most out of your gaming experience you will want to go 4k UHD with HDR.

If your looking for a TV, this is the best I could find! It’s 50 inch display is more than big enough for any game. It also comes with 4K resolution and has 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI ports. It also has a motion rate of 60Hz. The only downside, it has LCD screen. But for a price of £379.99 this is definately a great place to start! You can pick this up from Argos.

Product Link: setup on a budget

If a monitor is more your style. Then this 28 inch, 4K UHD Samsung monitor will see you through perfectly! It also has 1ms response time, LED screen, 2 HDMI ports and 1 display port too. For £289.00 this is a great deal! You can pick this up from Curry’s.Gaming setup on a Budget

Product Link:

2. Desk

So, what’s next on your set up list? Well you have your TV or Monitor and your console (which is the expensive part out of the way). Now you need a place to put them.

This desk is waterproof, is large enough for your new setup but not too big as to take up half your room! There is plenty of open shelving, which is ideal for keeping your system cool and has plenty of space for any of gaming gear you may collect over the years. It’s also available in black or white, depending on your preference and most importantly is wallet friendly! You can get this on Amazon right now for just £49.99 and it qualifies for free delivery.

Gaming setup on a budget

Product Link:

3. Gaming Chair

By now your set up should be looking pretty good! However, you need to game in comfort. Argos have yet another great deal. It has a padded back, seat rest and padded arm rest as well. Adjustable height and a super flexible tilt and swivel. There are also plenty of colour options, which all look really cool! It’s wallet friendly too at just £64.99. Gaming setup on a budget

Product Link:

4. Soundbar

You can’t have quality game time without quality sound! This sound bar includes 2.0 Channel, 100 W surround sound and added bass to enhance your TV’s sound. It’s a slim design and has Bluetooth! However, the only downside is this does not come with an optical cable. But with 413 reviews and a solid 4 star rating, this £69.00 LG Bluetooth speaker from Amazon will be worth every penny.

Gaming Setup on a budget

Product Link:

Total Cost of your Gaming Setup

If your looking to take the TV route, the total cost of your new set up would cost £563.97

If your looking to take the monitor route, the total cost of your new set up would cost £472.98


For a beginner, someone looking to build their own game setup, this list is a great place to start! To give you an idea of what you will need without breaking the bank, you could easily get yourself a decent small set up.

However, building a complete setup is going to take time and money. This list is also just a few of the products I could find. There are plenty of options out there if your willing to look around for some great deals.

I hope this list was helpful!

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