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It’s time for another Game News Rundown – Where we bring you the latest video game news in one easy and digestible article.

This week has certainly been a busy week for the gaming community, it’s crazy how much has happened! There is so much going right now you’d be forgiven for missing something, it’s a good thing you landed yourself here. Anyways, in today’s Game News Rundown we will be talking about, Naughty Dog Teasing Updates for The Last of Us: Part II, PlayStation’s State of Play, Zombies in Red Dead Online, Gears 5 Record Breaking Weekend and more…. Phew!

With so much to talk about for this weeks Game News Rundown let’s not waste anymore time and get straight to it.

Naughty Dog Teases Fans with Update – The Last of Us: Part II

In case you’re not on Twitter or haven’t seen the latest updates for The Last of Us: Part II, Naughty Dog have been quite active recently in promoting their attendance at this years State of Play event.

The recent tweets from Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann seem to hint at some major details coming our way for the sequel to 2013’s hit The Last of Us. With Neil Druckmann stating on twitter “We’ve been silent for too long. It’s time to put an end to that!”  We can only assume this means big things are coming. Most importantly, a release date…. We will find out at this years State of Play!

You can find the full details for this article here – Naughty Dog Teases Update for The Last of Us: Part II

PlayStation’s State of Play

In an exciting announcement this week, PlayStation officially revealed the full details for their State of Play livestream. PlayStation revealed they’re preparing a “hefty show, weighing in around 20 minutes and sporting a fresh new look”.  We were also told to expect “some exciting news”. 

While we have no solid confirmation of what this “exciting news” entails, it seems to lead some support to the speculation that a release date may be announced for The Last of Us: Part II (as mentioned above). We’re also expecting a host of new game reveals and new content from PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios…. Exciting!

For the full details on State of Play visit this article – PlayStation’s State of Play Airs Live on Tuesday, here’s where you can watch it!

Zombies found in Red Dead Online

Yep, that’s right zombies have been popping up in Red Dead Online. In case your wondering, no, this is not the recent dead animal bug. Rather, this strange feature is effecting NPC’s within Red Dead Online.

The zombies, which have been pictured here on Reddit have glowing eyes and pale, blue-ish wrinkled skin. What’s also interesting is they seem to appear around the town of Armadillo. Which, as you may recall from the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2 is having a real bad time with disease outbreaks. Most notably, the Cholera outbreak.

Many have been speculating this could be a nod to Undead Nightmare 2 content coming to the game. However, others are not so sure. With no word from RockStar Games at the time of this article, we don’t know for sure what the true reason for these zombies are?

For more details and a deeper dive into this topic check out this article – Zombies have been found in Red Dead Online!

Gears 5 Record Breaking Weekend

According to an update from Xbox Wire earlier this week, Gears 5 had a record breaking opening weekend.

Apparently Gears 5 has attracted more than 3 million players in it’s opening weekend, which sets new records for Xbox Games Pass.  According to the article this makes Gears 5 the biggest launch week for any Xbox Game Studios title this generation.


However, it is worth noting the above stats also includes numbers from the 4 day early access period. This was available for those who purchased the Ultimate Edition and to Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers. Regardless, this is still an amazing achievement for Xbox!

Xbox stated “Gears 5 kicked off the holiday season strong” they have also thanked fans for their support.

Want to learn more? Visit this article for the full details – Gears 5 Record Breaking Weekend

Red Dead Online: Legendary Bounties

That’s right more news for Red Dead Online this week. Not only have zombies been showing up here and there but Legendary Bounties have also been added.


Rockstar Games announced 10 new Legendary Bounties for Red Dead Online. Legendary Bounties will be released weekly and began this week with Barbarella Alcazar. New Legendary Bounties can be found by visiting a nearby Bounty Board each week. Furthermore, the Legendary Bounties will also be spread throughout the 5 states.

You have until 23rd September (tomorrow) to turn in Alcazar and claim your reward. It’s worth mentioning that to get the highest reward possible, it’s best to bring her in alive. Also, just as a helpful tip, bring a bounty wagon. It will make life so much easier!

For more help capturing Barbarella Alcazar visit this legendary bounty guide from VG247 .

The full details for this update can be found here – Red Dead Online: Legendary Bounties

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Sirfetch’d Reveled

In a somewhat weird but cool update from the Pokemon Company and Nintendo they have revealed another Pokemon for the Galar Region, Sirfetch’d.

That’s right ladies and gents, generation 1’s Farfetch’d has finally been given an evolution and not going to lie Sirfetch’d looks pretty badass. Sirfetch’d will now be joining Wheezing, Zigzagoon and Linoone who have also received their own regional variants for the Galar region.

There’s really not too much more I can say about this other than just watch the reveal trailer below.


For the full details on this latest reveal visit this article – Pokemon Sword and Shield Sirfetch’d Revealed


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