Game News Rundown: Issue 4 Weekly Wrap Up


Welcome to Issue 4 of Game News Rundown! Where we bring you the latest video game news in one easy and convenient article.

During this weeks Game News Rundown we will be talking about, well The Last of Us: Part II mostly. Really, there have been so many updates for this game that we might as well call this Naughty Dog News Rundown. However, we have also managed to gather some news regarding Red Dead Redemption 2, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Death Stranding.

Let’s get started on this weeks video game news.

1. The Last of Us: Part II Release Date and Trailer

Yes, after patiently waiting for the best part of 3 years we finally received a new trailer and release date for The Last of Us: Part II. Shown during this years State of Play event, the trailer takes a deep dive into the overall story and tone this game will be focusing on.


The new trailer gives us a better understanding of Ellie’s actions recently, showing us what the driving force for her revenge could be. It also features some old faces such as Tommy (Joel’s brother) and Joel himself. This was a welcome surprise seeing him alive and well, after some not so good fan theories about the character.

Finally, the end of the trailer gave fans what we have been desperately asking for, an official release date. The Last of Us: Part II will be releasing on 21st February 2020!

You can read the full article here: The Last of Us Part II: Release date revealed and more

2. Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding will be getting it’s own Limited Edition PS4 Pro.

Game News Rundown - Death Stranding PS4 Pro

The new bundle will come with a custom skinned 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro console, a translucent yellow controller and a copy of the game Death Stranding. The console cost £379.99 and is currently available for pre-order now at Game. I’ve got to say this custom PlayStation 4 Pro looks awesome!

For the full details on this PS4 Pro bundle visit this article – Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro 

3. The Last of Us: Part II – New Gameplay Footage released

Jumping back into The Last of Us news, this week also saw the release of new hands-on gameplay footage.

The recent footage we’ve seen shows us 2 different levels of the game. One where Ellie is on patrol around the survivor settlement in Jackson. While the other shows us Ellie on the outskirts of Seattle. Throughout the video we get some interesting insights into the game. Mostly, what has changed when compared to 2013’s The Last of Us.

The gameplay reveal shows us changes to the environment, character maneuverability, combat, NPC’s and more. Seriously there is a wealth of new knowledge to check out.

Visit this article for the full details – The Last of Us: Part II New Gameplay footage released  

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – New Trailer

Naughty Dog wasn’t the only ones releasing new trailers this week. Respawn also dropped a new trailer for their upcoming game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


Released as part of the Triple Force Friday stream the new trailer shows us some action packed combat scenes, some of which include the Inquisitors. This is something fans of Star Wars Rebels will know about. We also get a better look at the group Cal joins forces with and of course, a look at some storm troopers too – It wouldn’t be Star Wars without them.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order is due to release on 15th November 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Further details for this can be found here – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order new trailer released

5. No Single-Player DLC For Red Dead Redemption 2

The last video game news update this week is kind of a bummer, sorry.

In a recent interview with VG24/7 it was revealed that no single-player dlc has been planned for Red Dead Redemption 2. Lead Production Associate Katie Pica has said “We’re 100% focused on online right now”. This will come as a blow to any fans patiently waiting for some more story mode content.

With the recent zombie sightings in Red Dead Online, many fans had been speculating that an Undead Nightmare 2 could be in the works. Thanks to this interview, we now know that if anything like this is being planned, it will be for Red Dead Online only.

For more details visit this article: No Single-Player DLC coming to Red Dead Redemption 2


That’s all for Issue 4 of Game News Rundown. Which of these did you find the most interesting this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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