Game News Rundown: Issue 2


That’s right gamer’s, it’s time for another Game News Rundown! Where we tell you about all the latest news to hit the gaming community in one easy and convenient article.

There has been a lot of news lately for the gaming community, and we’re super pumped to break it all down for you today! Here’s what we will be talking about: The PlayStation Plus Platinum Weekend Sale, Borderlands 3 Reviews, Days Gone Update, Nintendo Switch Firmware Update and The Last of Us Part II. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it!

PlayStation Plus Platinum Weekend Sale!

The PlayStation Plus Platinum Weekend Sale is on right now! So, if you haven’t already, this is one you need to check out. Like right now!

Included in the sale is a range of some of the best games of the generation and the best part, you can get up to 70% off! Some of the titles on sale include Red Dead Redemption 2, Days Gone, God of War, Metro Exodus, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the year addition and more.

For more details on the PlayStation Plus Platinum Weekend Sale visit the article. Hurry sale ends soon!

Nintendo Switch Update 9.0.0

Game News Rundown: Issue 2 - Nutty Gamer

The Latest Nintendo Switch update was released earlier this week. With it, came some major improvements to the console, along with the standard stability enhancements.

Nintendo Switch update 9.0.0 introduces some new features including,  a new search feature for the News Channel, QR Code for events Check-in, Alarm Notifications and new touch sensitivity settings.

Also included in the update was a bug fix for the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This was after reports the game would fail to boot up after a recent expansion pass download.

For more details on the Nintendo Switch Update 9.0.0 visit this article.

Borderlands 3 Reviews

Reviews for the recent launch of Borderlands 3 are in. The review codes were sent to select reviewers ahead of the launch and was a hit with most. Borderlands 3 managed to score a 9/10 with both Destructoid and ShackNews. Furthermore, USG also gave the title a 4/5.

Looking for a complete review roundup? Here is our Borderlands 3 review roundup.

Days Gone Update
Days Gone: New Game Plus Coming Soon!
Image Credit: Sony Bend Studios

The Days Gone update was released this Friday and the update includes a slew of new features for the PlayStation exclusive.

Most importantly the game has finally received a New Game Plus mode which fans have been asking for since April 2019! I have to admit having a New Game Plus mode is going to make the start of the game so much more fun. Taking out those hordes at the start of the game will be much easier now, also, less grinding for upgrades!

Along with New Game Plus the title also received two new difficulties. These being Hard II and Survival II. New trophies have also been added to the update.

For more details on the Days Gone Update visit this article. 

The Last of Us: Part II – Update!

Yes, after months of not hearing anything from Naughty Dog, we finally have an update.

The Last of Us: Part II will be attending a media event on 24th September 2019 as tweeted by Geoff Keighley. Hopefully this update means we can expect another game play trailer and hopefully a release date announcement! – However, this is just speculation. But it would make sense for them to release some important details at the upcoming media event. I mean why else would they be attending?

For more details on The Last of Us: Part II Update visit this article.

This concludes our Game News Rundown. If you like this format for getting your Gaming News let us know in the comments below.

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