Days Gone: Story, Trailers, Release Date and More!!


It seems like forever ago that Days Gone was first announced. Set in the Pacific North-West, and taking place 2 years after a global pandemic. Here is everything we know about Days Gone.

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Days Gone: Story Overview

Days Gone is set in the Pacific North-West. Taking place 2 years after a global pandemic, you play as Deacon St. John, a biker and bounty hunter fighting for survival in a brutal post-apocalyptic world. Preferring to be out on the road than stuck in a camp with other survivors, Deacon will need all of his previous experience to survive.

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What’s it like?

The game is a third person, action-adventure, survival horror. Set in an open world, players will need to fight, craft and explore to survive.

Days Gone looks like it will  follow the same doom and gloom as Naughty Dogs The Last of Us. Mix The Last of Us with The Walking Dead, sprinkle it with Sons of Anarchy and you have Days Gone. Deacon St. John also gives off the vibe of a Daryl Dixon type of character.

Players will be able to carry 2 firearms and melee weapons with them. Although melee weapons such as bats, axes etc will need to be found and/or crafted again as they only have limited lifespan.

“Freakers” won’t be the only thing you will have to worry about as you traverse through this harsh open world. Players will have to survive various other human factions and also watch out for any wild animals that maybe lurking nearby.

You will also be able to upgrade/modify Deacon’s motorcycle, this will play an important role throughout the game. Deacons motorcycle will be a go to inventory for extras that you won’t be able to carry. The motorcycle will also have only limited fuel, meaning players will have to go and scavenge more to avoid breaking down in the middle of the harsh landscape.

A couple of other exciting features of the game include.

  • A dynamic weather system, which will affect how Deacon’s bike handles and performs in various conditions.
  • Making your own choices, this will include things like mercy killing or leaving for the horde of “Freakers” coming your way. Which sounds amazing!

Here is an official game play trailer.

Release Date and Quick Facts

Initially set for release in early 2018. Days Gone now has a confirmed release date set for April 2019.

Quick Facts

Game Title: Days Gone

Release Date: 26th April 2019

Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Developer: Bend Studios

Latest News

Days gone will be available to play at the upcoming EGX Berlin, Tokyo Game Show 2018 and the Brazil Game Show. The game, at this point must be pretty much finished. With Bend Studios airbrushing and polishing the game ahead of it’s 2019 release.

Check out the latest Days Gone trailer!

Other Interesting Facts about Days Gone

  1. The game is roughly 30 hours long
  2. You can upgrade Deacon’s motorcycle
  3. Deacon’s motorcycle can break down
  4. The game will be tough to beat
  5. There will be playable flash back sequences throughout the game
  6. Stats will be tracked! For example, you will be able to see how many “Freakers” and infected animals you have killed
  7. The game will be broken up into chapters similar to Uncharted
  8. The word zombie never appears in the game
  9. Days Gone will have a fast travel option
  10. You build up encampments and bases in the game

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