Days Gone Delayed Again


Days Gone Delayed

It has recently been announced on PlayStation’s Blog that Days Gone will be delayed yet again! The blog post states the reason for delay is due to a “crowded February time frame”. They also said Bend Studios will be using this opportunity to “further polish the game”.

How much more polishing time the studio actually needs is unclear. This isn’t the first time Days Gone has been delayed, the anticipated title was originally set for release in early 2018 before being pushed back.

A February 2019 release would have seen Days Gone up against Anthem, Crackdown and Metro Exodus. Whether this would have truly been an issue for the highly anticipated game, we don’t know.

Day’s Gone was first announced in 2016 and has been in production since January 2015. Although this delay is not as long as the set back seen earlier this year. Players can now expect to wait until 26th April 2019 before they can get their hands on the post-apocalyptic game. Unless, of course Sony announce another delay. Which at this point would probably surprise no one.

While most will agree taking the time to make a quality game is a good thing. No doubt many fans of the upcoming zombie title will be disappointed by the news. Myself included!

For now it looks as though fans of the upcoming title will have to wait just a little bit longer.

For more information on the upcoming game Days Gone check out this Article.

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