10 Benefits of Playing Video Games


What are the benefits of playing video games?

Ever wonder what the benefits of your favourite pastime could be? That’s right! Believe it or not sitting around playing video games can actually help to keep your brain happy and healthy. From curbing cravings to making kids more active, here are the top 10 Benefits of Playing Video Games!!


1. Improves Your Memory

Video Games follow a set of rules and instructions. Sometimes key details are only given to players once (usually at the beginning of the game or mission). This means players are required to remember and store information to progress further in the story.

A good example of this is game controls. Throughout most games, players are given a quick tutorial of the game controls. It is then up to the players to remember which button controls what action in order to successfully navigate and beat the game.

Because of situations like this, there is some evidence to suggest that games can help to improve peoples memories.


2. Improving Your Problem Solving Skills

Video Games provide players with various challenges and tasks that help to improve problem solving skills. Provided you are not just Googling how to get through a difficult mission.

Quiet often, games force players to make split-second decisions, think outside the box or look for patterns. By constantly being challenged in this way, people who regularly play video games, are usually better at identifying and solving problems.


3. Improves Social Skills

People often think of gamers as closed off individuals. However, the rise of online gaming has changed how we connect and build new friendships.

Games like Call of Duty provide players with a new way to meet, socialise and play with friends. Studies have also shown that online gaming can also be the source of friends gathering and meeting in person too.

With around 70% of gamers now playing online with their friends at least some of the time. Online gaming has provided players with a new form of social interaction.


4. Help Curb Cravings

Individuals who suffer from addictions related to smoking, drinking or even overeating may benefit from playing video games!

This is due to the fact that games are a good source of distraction. Studies have shown that there is a 24% reduction in desire to indulge in your craving while playing games.

So the next time you have an urge to have a quick puff, pick up the controller instead and get through your next craving without a second thought!

As a previous smoker myself, I can say this point was true for me.


Benefits of Video Games


5. Reduce Stress Levels

OK. So we’ve all had that one annoying game of Fifa where we lose to our younger sibling. Which ultimately made us launch our controller across the room! That moment aside, some studies have suggested that certain games can actually reduce your stress levels.

This is due in part to a games ability to temporarily allow us to escape reality. Also, games that reward players for completing objectives often lead them to having more positive feelings and emotions, thus assisting to reduce overall levels of stress.


6. Increasing You Brains Speed!

While your playing your favourite game, your brain is receiving and processing an influx of stimulation and information!

According to research data. People who play video games on a regular basis can process visual and audio stimulation faster than those who don’t.


7. Improving Coordination

What if I told you that when you were playing video games you weren’t just sitting there staring at a screen? Crazy right? The activities and actions you’re exposed to while playing video games actually provide your brain with massive amounts of stimulation.

In order for you to continue gaming, you brain must deal with visual, physical and audio movement.


8. Boost Your Multi-Tasking Skills

FPS (First Person Shooters) and Action-Adventure games require gamers to be observant and aware of their surroundings. Players will be focusing on ammunition levels, health levels, time remaining, where enemies are and searching areas around the map.

Add this to making split-second decisions while operating various different controls and you can see why gaming can improve your ability to multi-task!


9. Making Kids More Active

Yes you did read that heading right! Video games can have a positive effect on making kids more active.

Sport games like football, basketball, rugby, baseball and skateboarding can influence kids and make them want to get outside, play and practice these sports in real life.


10. They May Help After Traumatic Events

A study from a hospital in Oxford, UK used the game Tetris to see if it could help ease flashbacks of traumatic events.

37 patients from the hospital were randomly selected. Of the 37 patients, 34 of them were asked to log activities like reading, crosswords and texting.

The study found that the patients who were asked to play Tetris had significantly less flashbacks (about a 62% reduction on average) of the traumatic event than those who didn’t play the game!



There you have it! 10 Benefits of Playing Video Games. Which one did you find the most interesting?

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