5 Awesome Nintendo Facts That Might Surprise You!

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5 Awesome Nintendo facts that might surprise you

Nintendo, pretty much everyone has heard of the gaming giant and we couldn’t imagine a world without them. They’ve made generations worth of childhood memories, from Mario to Pokemon. The family friendly company has a place in everyone’s heart.

However, the gaming giant didn’t start out as a video game company. In-fact, Nintendo have been around since 1889! I know right? I couldn’t believe it either until I double checked for myself.

That’s just one bonus fact we will be sharing with you today! Here are 5 Awesome Nintendo Facts That Might Surprise You!

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1. The Nintendo What?

Nintendo DS - 5 Awesome Facts About Nintendo That Might Surprise You - Nutty Gamer

The Nintendo DS is the world’s second best selling console device. The handheld sold just shy of  PlayStation 2’s 155 million units! What an accomplishment.

With that said, some of the Nintendo DS success probably came from the decision to call it the Nintendo DS. As with all great ideas this wasn’t always the case. Did you know the Nintendo DS was originally going to be called the Nintendo City Boy?

Yes, you did read that right. Can you imagine picking up your very own “Nintendo City Boy” in stores? Thankfully someone in the company changed it to the Nintendo DS which sounds so much cooler and also relates to the whole “Dual Screen” of the console. Nice save Nintendo! 


2. Nintendo Almost Made A Gaming Phone!

Nintendo Phone - 5 Awesome Facts About Nintendo That Might Surprise You - Nutty Gamer

Another awesome fact about Nintendo – They had considered developing their own gaming smartphone.

The idea of a Nintendo smartphone was considered back in 2014…… But, as you don’t have that sweet piece of tech sitting in your pocket today, you know they ultimately decided to scrap the idea.

The Nintendo phone would have had many functions similar to the Game Boy. Now, I’m going to nerd out on this one and say if they had gone through with this idea it would have been awesome! Not to mention, with their industry know-how, they probably could have changed the way mobile gaming works today!

As mobile gaming continues to grow, maybe this idea will be re-visited in the near future…

3. The First To Save Your Progress

Link - 5 Awesome Facts You Might Not Know About Nintendo - Nutty Gamer

That’s right. Gamer’s remember the year 1987. This was the year when the first game was released that allowed you to save your progress.

Today manually saving your game is something you do well, because for some reason we still can’t trust that auto-save! Come-on, admit it, we all do it. No-one completely trusts auto-save. 

With that said, it was Nintendo who bought the feature into the mainstream of home gaming. The game that changed the future of all video games? The Legend of Zelda.

4. The Wii Sensor Bar

5 Awesome Facts About Nintendo That Might Surprise You - Nutty Gamer

Who didn’t love playing Wii Sports or Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii? The console delivered on some of the best family gaming days that one could ask for. 

However, you know that Wii Sensor Bar. The one with the insanily long wire that you could almost wrap the exterior of your house with? Well, it never actually communicated with the console at all.

I know right? The purpose of the sensor bar is to offer infrared light to the “Wiimotes”. It has actually been shown that you can replace the sensor bar with any viable light source and the results should, with some tinkering work out the exact same! Some people even got it working with just a candle…

5. They Started Out Selling…

5 Awesome Facts About Nintendo That Might Surprise You - Nutty Gamer

You know how we said Nintendo has been around since 1889? As you can imagine back then video games were yet to even be thought of, let alone developed. So, what did Nintendo start out as?

I’m glad you asked, inquisitive reader! They started out by selling…….. (drum roll please)….. Playing cards. Yep, nothing extraordinary, just good old fashioned playing cards.

Yet, through time they managed to turn themselves into a billion dollar company with a brand that’s recognized across the globe! That’s a true success story.  


That wraps up our 5 Awesome Nintendo Facts That May Surprise You – Which one surprised you the most? You can let us know on Facebook and Twitter



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